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Case-hardening – Carburizing, Quenching, Insulating

Fully automated process.

Hard edge layer, tough core!

Case-hardening is supposed to render the surface layer of work pieces and tools made of steel significantly harder, and to provide work pieces and tools with much better mechanical properties.
Within the scope of this process we carburize the surface layer of work pieces with a medium releasing carbon, and subsequently quench the work pieces.

After having quenched the carburized work pieces, annealing is mostly required in order to diminish the stress having resulted from the hardening process and to set the required service hardness.

Case-hardened work pieces and tools are characterized by increased wear resistance, a tough core as well as higher fatigue strength under reversed bending stresses. These properties are mainly desired for gearbox parts (see figure above).

We are able to provide partial case-hardening - insulating – thanks to suitable techniques and varied insulating materials.


max. 1500 mm x 3000 mm


Case-hardening | Carburizing | Quenching | Insulating


Gearbox and drive components | Stamping parts | Mechanical parts


Case-hardened steels (C< 0.25%)

Jörg Hammerschlag

Jörg Hammerschlag

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Head of case-hardening section

Frank Wolter

Frank Wolter

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Manager of the Härterei Haupt

Michel  & Stefan Haupt

Michel & Stefan Haupt

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