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Induction hardening

Fully automatically!

The high-tech gear wheel induction

Surface layer hardening HF
Surface layer hardening MF
Gear tooth systems up to module 40

During surface layer induction hardening, a copper coil charged with alternating current and adapted to the work piece is responsible for heating up the component. The copper coil charged with current creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field in turn induces eddy currents in the surface layer of the metallic component, which result in local heating up.

The penetration depth of the eddy currents depends on the frequency of the alternating field. The following is valid in principle: the lower the frequency, the larger the penetration depth. For this reason, we refer here to high-frequency surface layer hardening HF and medium-frequency surface layer hardening MF.

Structure and hardness in the core of the component remain unaffected. Now this process is controlled in such a way that the surface is heated up to the hardening temperature, and is quenched directly afterwards with a shower. Through relative movement between copper coil and work piece, larger work pieces can also be hardened without difficulty.


ø max. 2000 mm x 6000 mm


Induction hardening HF | Induction hardening MF


Transmission and drive components | Stamped parts | machine components


Treatable steels, Bearing steels, Special steels, Tool steels.

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