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Quality assurance

Quality assurance for every single workpiece

Our state-of-the-science laboratory

We can do more!


For example, magnetic particle crack testing in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9934 and salt spray testing in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227. Experts now avail themselves of this service on a contracted-out basis.

In order to be completely sure that only the highest quality is supplied, we carry out comprehensive quality assurance measures in our laboratory.

For example, material analyses help us to prevent processing faults right at the preparatory stage.

As heat treatment is a decisive factor for the strength and longevity of a workpiece, we accurately determine all hardness parameters on an ongoing basis in order to ensure precise process control and thus enable the hardness results to be fully documented.

Hardness tests according to Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, UCI ... 100%
Sampling and preparation for metallographic studies 100%
Measurement of hardening depths in the small load test method according to Vickers (CHD, NHD, SHD) 100%
Microstructure analysis using digital and light microscopy 100%
measurements of various diffusion layers (Carburizing-, nitriding, bonding layers) 100%
measurements of various diffusion layers (Aufkohlung-, nitriding, bonding layers) 100%
Material analyzes in the laboratory or at the customer (emission spectrometry) 100%
Crack tests in penetration and magnetic powder testing 100%
Check of corrosion resistance in the salt spray test 100%
Damage analyzes 100%
Preparation of all quality documentation (FMEA, Cp-Cpk, test plans, work instructions Steering plans, etc.) 100%
Customer care and advice 100%

Certification of our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO standards is a visible sign to the outside world.

In order to guarantee this on a sustained basis, we provide regular training for our employees, and provide the necessary prerequisites for this with our modern machinery

Arkadiusz Bytner

Arkadiusz Bytner

Phone +49 4173 58181 - 40

Head of Quality assurance section and contact to our high-tech laboratory.