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Hardness of A to Z

There´s nothing but Top-Quality

The Haupt performance spectrum - from S to XXL

Too large or too small is not an issue for us - you will not surprise us with the dimensions of your work pieces in the foreseeable future.

You can find out quickly what's new since our last update, from "vacuum treatment" to "sand blasting and bronzing", using the navigation bar above.

However, we also process filigree pieces with highest precision, as it is often the small parts that must withstand special loads.

For detailed information, please visit our Download Center. There, data sheets and specifications are available for the individual procedures.

Download Overview of Services
Vacuum treatment 100%
Case Hardening & Carbonitriding 100%
Hardening & Quenching 100%
Nitriding 100%
Induction hardening 100%
Annealing 100%
Blasting & Bronzing 100%