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Vacuum Treatment

The Haupt – Vacuum Treatments

Harder, more precise and less corrosion.

In our vacuum furnaces we harden work pieces that require a very precise temperature.

Distortion-sensitive precision components, mould components and tools are hardened here in a low-pressure range between 10-3 mbar and quenched in a nitrogen gas flow.

Hardening of low-alloy steel is no problem with this process.

We have brought vacuum hardening to perfection in the past few years: It is environmentally friendly, clean and economical due to modern program controls that ensure complete reproducibility. The treated work piece retains a metallic bright surface in any case.

With regard to dimensional change and distortion, there is no comparable process.


max. 1500 mm x 3000 mm


Vacuum hardening, Vacuum annealing ,, Vacuum carburising , Low pressure carburizing, Solnit A | Solnit M, Deep Cooling, Age Hardening.


Precision components | Tools | Mould components


Heat-treatable steels | Bearing steels | Special steels | All heat-treatable steel alloys

Jörg Hammerschlag

Jörg Hammerschlag

Phone +49 4173 / 58181 - 51

Head of vacuumtechnology section

Frank Wolter

Frank Wolter

Phone +49 4173 / 58181-0

Manager of the Härterei Haupt

Michel  & Stefan Haupt

Michel & Stefan Haupt

Phone +49 4173 / 58181-0

Contact for heat treatment in general